6 Self-Care Tips for Writers

Hi everyone! Rebecca graciously invited me to write a post for her blog. After thinking about various topics (how much I love Outlander, Feyre and Rhysand, and freelance writing ❤ ), I came up with something. How to practice self-care as a writer. Frequently, we overlook this. We spend many hours at the computer, sometimes… Continue reading 6 Self-Care Tips for Writers


Recognizing and Pushing Limits

"I can't," "I'll never," and "Why me?" Those are three of the most self-limiting words I've ever heard...and I said them daily. Aside from my first surgeon, I was the one who created a long list of things I believed I'd never be able to do. When Your Body Sets Limits Chronic pain has a… Continue reading Recognizing and Pushing Limits


How Stephanie Garber’s “Legendary” Kept Me Riveted

Have you ever been in a reading slump? You have the time to read as many books as you want, yet nothing quite holds your interest. That was me ever since the school semester ended. I'd picked up book after book, never feeling as transfixed as I wanted to feel. Enter Legendary. What is it… Continue reading How Stephanie Garber’s “Legendary” Kept Me Riveted

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Online Conversations and Social Listening

The students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School started a conversation this last month. Not a new one, but a very hard one to ignore. Using the most powerful tool at their disposal, they've taken the internet by storm. Painful Yet Important #EnoughisEnough and #MarchForOurLives are still ringing loudly, being tweeted and retweeted on Twitter… Continue reading Online Conversations and Social Listening

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Being Creative Vs. Being a Consumer

When thinking about the internet, it almost feels as though it has always been in existence. It's become an invisible extension of our lives, something we use so naturally. For example, you're at trivia night at the local pub and you don't know what a group of whales is. Google does (Psst, it's called a… Continue reading Being Creative Vs. Being a Consumer